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Infested Planet Gets New Dynamic Campaigns In DLC

[] is a game that actively tries to destroy you. No, really. Thousands of bug-like aliens are out to kill you and they can even mutate as you wipe them out to become better suited to annihilating you. Because they’re jerks and that’s all they care about. and if Continue reading

Stellar Overload Hits Steam Early Access

Cubical Drift’s [] looks a whole lot like Cube World or Minecraft, though it looks slightly better than either of those games, at least in the aesthetics department. under the name Planets3 in 2014, the game and its cubic planets finally arrived on Steam Early Access this week, so Continue reading

The Rise Of Captain Longbeard Setting Sail To VR

The Rise of Captain Longbeard is latest push into VR gaming. Coming to Steam Early Access during the holidays, it’s a game that, well, it lets you be a pirate. Ah, to be a pirate. Or a sailor. Whichever is more appropriate for the phrase “a tall ship and a Continue reading

Have You Played… Setting Up A New PC?

is an endless stream of game retrospectives noodling about PC-related experiences. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time.

It might just be one of my favourite hobbies. Don’t judge me.

There’s a balm to sitting down with a new PC, or just a fresh Windows installation, and Continue reading

Skyblivion Bringing Oblivion’s Soul Into Skyrim’s Body

There’s an unbelievable amount of mods available for from the obscene and naughty to the absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical. Dedicated fans of the game have even released entirely new lands and stories to rival Skyrim’s original in breadth and scope. TESRenewal is attempting to do a sort of inception within Continue reading

The Pipwick Papers

Pipwick PapersGraham’s off gallivanting and I had a chance to catch up on my bookmarked reading thanks to several train journeys this weekend. Put those two things together and you’ve got yourself a sneaky Pipwick Papers. You’ll find a grieving sherrif, Roald Dahl-inspired clothes, the psychology of why clowns are creepy and Continue reading

WildStar Gets Redmoon Mutiny Raid Update Next Month

If you’re one of NCSoft’s [] biggest fans (or are actually playing it, are people still playing it?) you’ll be happy to know that Carbine Studios has there’s an update coming. Named Redmoon Mutinty, it’s scheduled to hit this November with additions including PvP leaderboards and cross-faction raid and Continue reading

The Right Stuff: Astronaut – The Best

[] is a game about training a bunch of people who definitely do not seem to have “the right stuff”, in preparation for a trip into space. There are four days left in and it’s only half way to its $26,000 goal. There’s still enough time to make up Continue reading

Threadsteading: A Hex Control Game For The Sewing Machine


Going through the Indiecade awardees/winners from last night reminded me that I hadn’t written about Threadsteading. It’s a territory control strategy game you play out on a sewing machine, embroidering hex tiles onto a piece of fabric. I watched it being played at GDC earlier this year but didn’t write about Continue reading

Beelzebabble: Diablo 4 Rumours Abound

Update: David Brevik has that he’s not involved in any Diablo projects at the moment. That’s why you should never listen to gossip.

Alice is away today, so I’m posting a rumour. She’ll be SO MAD when she gets back! Anyway, rumours are circulating that Blizzard might be about to announce Continue reading

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